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Dark-yellow house doesn't spawn loot and some of it's doors aren't opened randomly.
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A dark-yellow house which is located all over Chernarus doesn't spawn any loot from my experiences; I think it did spawn loot in more previous patches, though. The doors inside the house are open randomly like all other houses' doors but the front and backdoor are always open unless when opened/closed by a player.


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Going into dark-yellow house

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andy added a comment.Nov 12 2014, 11:35 AM

Hi kll4,
we are aware of the loot problems.
The doors - well, the reason here is simple - the building lacks doors on its entrances :). Thus, nothing to be randomly open/closed.
While I am going to close this ticket, I will bring this to the responsible developer's attention and we'll see whether the doors could be added (for realism's sake).
Thank you for your feedback,