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No shadows are displaying on the Gorka helmet.
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I've posted a smiliar issue before, but it got closed claiming he wasn't able to reporduce the issue.
However, I've been looking at videos (one is down below) and screenshots of other players with all of them experiencing the exact same issue.

Therefore I tried to reopen the case but i got the message "Access denied". Could the developers please give it another try so we can get a fix for .51?


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Wearing a Gorka helmet in an area with shadows falling onto it

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Another example: (1:19)
In this video, you can see the player going into the barracks building where there should clearly be shadow falling onto the Gorka helmet. However, the sun directly reflects from the Gorka helmet and it also is far lighter (because of no shadows displaying on it) than the rest of the player's gear.

For my graphic settings (may help with the repoduction of the issue): objects on normal, shadows on normal, HDR on low

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The third screenshot I submitted was posted by accident; it doesn't represent the bug I'm reporting. It does show that the helmet is lighted properly in the inventory menu, though.

andy added a comment.Nov 13 2014, 11:39 AM

Hi kll4,
thanks a lot for your persistence!
We have now identified the issue (it was related to the Visor rather than the helmet itself) and it has been scheduled for a fix.
Thanks again, your contribution is highly appreciated!