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game crash with windows message
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Since the standalone 0.50 update

i load to the server as normal all is well, but im only able to play for either a few secs or upto 10 mins , then the game sort of freezes , and instantly goes to black screen with the windows close game message but i need to ctrl , alt , delete to get out


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join server ,play as normal then within 10 mins the crash happens
there is not 1 thing i do that constantly causes the crash it's just random

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Im positive this is not a driver / hardware error as all my other games play fine,
I have also ran bench tests with no problems

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Thanks for the acknowledgement Andy,

Im still playing experimental with no crash issues .

andy added a comment.Nov 20 2014, 3:41 PM

Hi MudslingerSCO,
please let me assure that I have been monitoring the ticket.
This issue is something we believe have fixed on the Experimental version (as you have noticed). Please let me know if the crash occurs on Experimental.
In the meanwhile, we will take another look into this and the issue should hopefully go away once the Stable version gets an update.
Thank you,

i have also unistalled and re-installed the game to rule out any corrupt files , and i have done the verify game cache within steam

Tried playing Experimental tonight and had no crashing , played for over 3 hours , so there must be something in the stable version that my pc doesnt agree with and causes the crashing .

Be nice to get some acknowledgement of this issue ?

Just to Update Andy : Been playing experimental with no problems the last few weeks , now when i go back to stable today after update im still getting the crash issues exactly the same as before ?

do you require any other Info from me to help on this issue ?

Please keep this ticket open as the latest patch to stable did not resolve the issue as expected by Andy .

any feedback ?

been trying to play every day hoping that the issue will be resolved ,each day i'm more and more dissapointment .

please please please sort this Bohemia

Some info , it seems to let me play for a few mins , but if i try to shoot or hit a zombie with an axe i instantley crash

Getting crashes on stable

andy added a comment.Dec 18 2014, 2:18 PM

Hi MudslingerSCO,
sorry to hear about your trouble. There should be another update for Stable very soon, please let me know if it helped in any way.
If not, I'm going to ask you to kindly delete the AppData folder, reproduce the crash again and attach the newly generated files to this ticket.
The issue is quite peculiar and while we are working on it, we are a bit stumped here - please be patient.

Hi Andy ,

The crash now happens in the latest experimental aswell as stable ,

Do you mean delete the Appdata folder from dayz on my pc or on this report ticket ?
i have tried to delete on here to allow me to attach newly generated crash files but not sure how to delete the old 1 , please advise

weird how i played 0.51 on experimental with no issues yet when you update stable the crashing returns . and now on the latest experimental it crashes

Hi MudslingerSCO,

I had this problem for a while and I found out that I did not have the latest driver for my graphics card, updated and problem was solved.
Worth a try.

andy added a comment.Jan 5 2015, 1:24 PM

Hi MudslingerSCO and sorry for the delay (holidays).
Yes, I meant deleting the AppData folder on your PC, reproducing the crash again and then attaching the files which will be generated automatically to the ticket. I have removed the attachment here, so you should have no problem attaching the new files.
Also of course please make sure that your drivers are up to date as Moffat30 suggested (thanks Moffat30!).