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Other players can't hear gunfire from repeater (Stable)
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A player can stand next to another player and can't hear the shoots fire from the repeater. There is no single sound except of the bullets hitting the ground. Because of that it is not possible to locate the shooter and, even worse, if the bullets don't hit the ground, you don't even notice that somebody shoots at you.


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This is currently happening to all weapons. You might not have noticed it but I can share some information about the subject. Don't take my word for it. These are all assumptions:

The thing that me and my clan mates noticed is that it was somehow tied to inventory not showing. Let me explain.

Edit: it might seem I posted it on the wrong issue at first but continue reading, I know this is about absent gun sound.

Sometimes when you log into a server and for example find a backpack. You look in the backpack and see no items. You pick up the backpack and see that there actually were 4 items in it. Same thing with tents. Sometimes you log back and go t your camp. You see all your tents are empty. The way you fix this is by putting an extra item in it, basically forcing a visual update on the contents. It now shows all items.

The way this translate into guns is that when me and my clanmates are playing, we sometimes cant hear eachothers gunshots, but what really ties to the previous issue, is that we also cannot see eachothers weapon attachments. These weapon attachments are basically in the 'intentory' of the gun. To fix invisible attachments we basically just forced the same visual update by having them take off an attachments and putting it back on. For example a fully equiped mosin with burlap wrap didnt show anything bu8t when my friend took his compensator off it showed it all again. This also fixed the missing gun sound issue for us.

This obviously only works with friends or friendlies as you can't really ask a sniper shooting at you to swap out his attachments. But atleast it's something. I am not 100% sure if all this REALLY ties together but since the problems had so much in common, we deducted that it probably had something to do with sound being tied to a gunmodule not loading properly.

PS: The only way we got it to work on weapons without attachments was to put all our non-attachment weapons on the floor and everyone holding it in their hands so it would update for the rest.

andy added a comment.Nov 12 2014, 11:04 AM

Hi Musicman,
we checked and had no issues with the Repeater itself, however we are aware of a global issue that could have been the cause. Please refer to #18245.
Thank you for your feedback,