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Maxwell GPUs not supported
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Im not sure if its because maxwell architecture, but since I had (and I have) problems in other apps because of it, I assume that is probably the case.

GPU usage is on zero (nVidia 840m) but integrated Intel chipset is goes nuts.
Game is detected by Gforce experience.
I even tried to disable integrated GPU but with no effect... usage still 0%.


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I hope it will be suppoerted, if not soon, at least in new render... but it will be really nice to hear it:)

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I know you said you tried to disable your iGPU so you may mean you have tried this already but just to check, have you entered Nvidia Control Panel and set "Preferred Graphics Processor" to Nvidia for DayZ?

Also have you tried rolling back or updating your Nvidia driver?

Yes I tried.. but 0% gpu usage. And closing Nvidia control panel makes it go back to the Autoselect:integrated even if I keept it open with GPU selectted, stil 0%. So I gues assignig GPU in control panel is just eyecandy with no real efect.

No no, of course it does work. You have to enter Nvidia CP, select Manage 3D Settings, then select either Global or program setting then DayZ, and now change the Preferred Graphics Processor to High performance Nvidia processor, then click Apply at the bottom of the page.

If that is not working, try reinstalling the latest driver, found here:
(64Bit -
(32Bit -

If that fails to work, check your BIOS, you may have inadvertently disabled something.

andy added a comment.Nov 10 2014, 3:51 PM

Hi nemedsvi,
Euphoria's suggestions are correct (thanks Euphoria!), please try doing what has been said above and let me know if it helped.

so.. issue was more about windows being d_ck about what can I d with my computer.
Windows blocked nvdia cp from saving-making any changes.
There is whole thread:
I just gave all rights to nvdias files in program files and program data folder.
RESOLVED. Thank you guys for helpping me!

andy added a comment.Nov 13 2014, 1:17 PM

Glad to hear that!
Hope you have fun in the game,