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Game does not respond to controls when joined via Steam friends
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Wenn I connect to a server sometimes the mouse and keyboard wont work and I cant move or cant do anything. Like some people said before, I cant even log out from the game, no look around, no move etc.

When I connect to a diffenrent server and move a bit around, I can log out and then I can go to the first server, where my friends are and move then.

That issue happens randomly and a know a few people that have had that problem.

It didnt get fixed due the new update! :)


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This is a bug caused by joining a friend thorugh steam. If you join him thorugh the "Friends"-tab in the server browser, you wont experience this bug.

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Thx a lot!

Nethertheless it isnt normal I think :)

andy added a comment.Nov 13 2014, 10:57 AM

Hi everyone,
we are currently investigating this - please be patient.

confirming this. Got this today when joining through chat.

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Thats nice, thank you Andy! :)

andy added a comment.Nov 14 2014, 10:41 AM

Hi everyone,
we have pinpointed the issue and the developers are looking into this at the moment.
Thank you all for your feedback,