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Patching Items with Sewing-Kits, Duct-Tape, etc. oftenly does not seem to improve the Condition.
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I try to mend Clothing or other Items with Sewing-Kits, Duct-Tape, etc. in pristine Condition and get the Message 'i was able to mend the xxxxx' or something similar, but the actual Condition of the mended Item stays "Damaged" or "Badly damaged" as it was before Patching many Times. Sometimes randomly the Item Condition gets better one State, as it should, but that doesn't seem to work very often.


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Use pristine Sewing-Kit, Duct-Tape, etc. on any mendable Item in bad Condition.
Same with the mentioned Patching Tools in any Condition.

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andy added a comment.Nov 10 2014, 11:49 AM

thank you for your feedback!
Sadly, I was not able to reproduce the issue and everything seems to be configured correctly on our end.
We are however aware of various issues which could be causing this in some cases and rest assured we are looking into them.