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[BALANCING] Hydrated & Energized Levels WAY off.
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After this patch 0.50 I think that your hydration and energized levels fall far too quickly. I basically need to drink a full bottle of water every 5 - 10 minutes. I understand that when you are running you will get thirsty, but you can't physically drink this much water! I suppose what I mean is that you need to drink too much water to top your levels back up to bright green status. Also the hunger isn't well balanced either... I totally agree that your hydrated status should fall quickly if you are running but you shouldn't have to drink SO much water to get it to top up again... As with food, you should stay full for a while and then it should fall quickly rather than it being a steady fall.

I guess this will always be a problem area and opinions will always be abundant on this area but, that being said, at the moment I think the hydration and energy levels are a step backwards from 0.49 rather than a step forwards.


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Hydrated - If character is running etc it should fall quickly but should not need a full bottle every 5 minutes to top back up.

Energized - As above but you should stay fuller for longer after you reach fully energized status, but when it starts to fall it falls quickly.

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Didn't witness this. Have been hydrated and energized for a good 30-45 minutes. While moving.

Really? Wow, I can confirm this is the case for me and 3 other people too. You literally spam "Drink Water" at a pond until full then after running for 5 minutes you need to drink a full bottle to make it go bright green again. I understand that it will decrease I just think you need to drink too much to top it back up.

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Confirmed on 0.50 stable. I was light green energized/hydrated and in only a few minutes of running around I was back to non-energized/hydrated and had to consume all the food and drink in my inventory to get back up.

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Confirmed. in just 2 minutes my light green "hydrated" state goes away. I like the new level of difficulty but not so exaggerated.