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Ladders on the Elektrozavodsk "School" not working correctly.
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When directly tried to click, the ladders on the Elektrozavodsk "School" (Big office building on the market square, Coordinates: 140/130 on are not working correctly.
It seems like the "Action box" was moved about half a meter into south direction thus forcing the player to click on the concrete wall next to the ladder to be able to interact with it.


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Going to Elektrozavodsk "School" and trying to climb on of the two ladders

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I'm not sure if this is the case with all "School" building on the map but it seems very likely to me that this might be the case.

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confirmed for balota apartments schools. almost fell down.

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I've experienced this on the Elektro Firestation in a similar matter aswell.

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Hi everyone,
thank you for your feedback!
We have confirmed the issue and it is now scheduled for a fix.

andy added a comment.Dec 16 2014, 12:44 PM

Fixed internally, should be fixed on Steam soon.