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Zombies can walk underwater
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I was playing earlier and found the zombies can now walk underwater without dying.

I was on the below server at the spawn point and got chased by a zombie, I ran out into the water and began swimming. I looked behind me and the zombie just started walking towards me and ended up below me because we were out a decent bit.

I swam around for a bit then went back to shore and it just followed me, then when it came back in (as it was going same speed as me) it just killed me.

Anymore info needed just ask and ill post.


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I havent tried to reproduce because it annoyed me so much because I got killed when I was in a building with all doors locked that I haven't bothered going back onto the game.

  1. Get a zombie to follow you and run into the water.
  2. Swim out a bit and the zombie will follow you.
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These are the server details I could get,

lastMPServerName="DayZ UK 2-13 (Public/Veteran/Persistence:ON) 125369 - Hosted by";

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A Friend of mine reported this to me laughingly in Coop-Play as well, the Zombie even moaned and grawled under Water, as if it stood right by her Side.

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mist3r added a comment.Nov 7 2014, 3:05 PM

It was reported several times before... And even if it's annoying and many players don't agree with this "feature", this works like they want.

Zed's are dead and so they don't need air to live... So they can walk under water...
Annoying, but it won't change...

edit: Found the ticket I mean.

andy added a comment.Nov 10 2014, 10:50 AM

Hi Marcus Suridius,
thank you for your feedback!
As stated above, this is something that will remain this way for a little bit longer but rest assured we are not simply ignoring the issue here - it just might take some time to be fixed.