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Lockpick has really short Lifespan
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Lock pick goes to ruined after 6-7 uses. Not good for homeowner! Cannot get back into house until I find another.


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Same issue, the lockpicks are very usefull, but they break to fast to be used effectively.

Also, cant be used to open handcuffs, (not sure if thats intended).

The Handcuffs can be opened by seperately found Handcuff-Keys, that's okay so far, but the Lockpick i found in pristine Condition also became ruined after a few Times i used it. Pity for this very useful Tool! By the Way, Doors can also be unlocked by brute Force, this works.

andy added a comment.Nov 10 2014, 11:31 AM

Hi Dred and others,
this is something considered intended for now. We will give this some time before tweaking the durability.
The option to use lockpick to unlock handcuffs is being considered by the designers.
Thank you for your feedback,