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Dropping items on the floor and picking them back up still has the item on the floor for other players.
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Found this game-breaking bug with a friend.
I died and he dropped all of my stuff on the floor, then when I came back to pick my stuff up, my friend saw that my backpack was still on the ground, EVEN though I have it on my back. He could take the pack away from me because on his screen, the pack was where he dropped it.


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Drop item on the ground.
2: Be near dropped item and have friend near.
3: Pick up the dropped item and let friend check his vicinity (tab) and the item should pop up.

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Forgot to say that it also is happening to other items like the new shotgun and what not

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Hi John,
thank you for your feedback!
This is indeed most likely caused either by #18855 or by high latency.
We are currently investigating a bunch of similar issues and this should improve soon - please be patient.