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[0.50.125369 Stable] Weapons Disappear From Hands And Inventory Randomly
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This has happened to 3 of my friends in the last 2 hours. They are happily running along when suddenly their weapon, happened with a shotgun, Mosin and AK74, suddenly disappears from their hands and/or inventory. They tried running back to the last place they put the weapon down, and the weapon reappears in their hands/inventory when they get close to the last place they dropped it/picked it up. But it disappears again as soon as they leave the area.


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Put a weapon on the ground, then pick it back up and run a few hundred meters away.
Doesn't happen every time, but was to my group 3 times in 2 hours and many others on Reddit and DayZ forum say the same.

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andy added a comment.Nov 6 2014, 12:35 PM

Hi Euphoria,
thank you for your feedback!
We are currently investigating similar issues which seem to be tied to a situation in which the character has a weapon on their back and also in their hands. Would it be possible to confirm whether this was the issue here or if your friends only had a single primary weapon?

Hi Andy, thanks for your reply.

Yes, this sounds like the same issue. All my friends were double carrying, 1 weapon on their back and 1 in hand when this issue took place.
They dropped their in hand weapon to drink/eat e.t.c., then picked it back up and left the area. After a short time the weapon they had dropped disappeared from their hands, but it would return if they went back to the last place they dropped it and disappear again when they left the area.
The disappearing weapon would still show in their inventory, but it was invisible and could not be fired or interacted with.

Hope this helps,

andy added a comment.Nov 6 2014, 2:13 PM

Yup, seems to be the issue I had in mind!
Thank you again - please refer to #18382 for future development or to provide more information.