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[SUGGESTION] Ability to add camouflage to Improvised Backpack
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For a while now I have been playing with the Improvised backpacks and realised that there is some more scope for another step of crafting. If you snap off some twigs from a bush and add it to your Improvised Backpack it can add some more camouflage, much like adding grass to the mosin wrap.

The uploaded image I made on my phone is just a simple visual to show where the twigs with leaves etc and grass would be woven into...under the existing ropes. This would be a realistic addition to the backpacks to add some camouflage to the back of it.

Just an idea I had so I'm throwing it out here.


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I would simply add possibility to paint them green and black to obtain a camouflage look.

^ This too, that would be another option and probably a very simple retexture, also like the mosin etc.

Hello blackwiddow20,

Thanks for sending in your suggestion. The suggestion has been mentioned before by other users and the devs are aware of the idea. Please feel free to follow the future status reports/changelogs on the forums for any possible news on such a feature: