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[0.49] Zombies stuck in a corner have an extremely high range for their attacks
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If you trap a zombie in a corner of, let's say, a fence or in a building it can attack you no matter how far you go away from it. This is a very big issue, atleast for me because I've been trying to deal with it for, like, forever now. If they get trapped there, it's very hard to kill them because their model is not quite there. I've lost numerous characters to this issue. I understand that the game is in alpha at its current stage, but this is a game breaking glitch that needs to be taken cared of ASAP.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Find a zombie
-Try and trap it in a corner
-Slowly cry yourself to sleep because of the gear you just lost

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I have had this happen several times, where a zombie comes after me in a building and is somehow in the floor halfway, and no matter where I'm at, it registers as hitting me when it attacks, even across the room facing the other direction. I basically only fight zombies outside on flat surfaces because the hit detection in this game is absolute crap. IF there's a zombie, I literally run outside as far as i can before turning around to fight it.

I hope the new engine they're working on solves some of these issues, because the hit detection in a game where combat is important (even if it isn't the focus) is kind of a big deal.

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This happen to me quite alot, I hope it's something that will get fixed soon.

andy added a comment.Nov 10 2014, 12:58 PM

Hi everyone,
thank you for your feedback!
This is something we are aware of and investigating.