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0.50 you are dead
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not the first time i died in the top floor of the school after seconds. there was no shoot or any enemy. i think i died from fall dmg. first time encountered in elektro school now this time vavilovo school. every time i was in the last room on the top. i has one vid for proof if necessary.


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a special information. my friends told me i had no desync and my body was on the top floor.

andy added a comment.Nov 3 2014, 3:46 PM

Thank you for your feedback, Darcion.
We are currently investigating a similar issue but a video could definitely be helpful - please attach it to the ticket or upload it to an external site.

additional information, this video is from a older version, same thing happened to me with latest 0.50 version.

Been happening with quite a few iterations.

The key is the Leg Break.

Happened to me yesterday on experimantal .50 in a red 2 storey house. Had been into and out of the room several times, then in an instant - You are Dead but also Leg is in Extreme pain.

Also happened simultaneously with my and a friend walking up a slope to Devil's castle.

Both dead at the same time - both leg breaks.

it seems every time the same, at the point you interact with an object you die. it happens with me at the same point, i tried to pick up something and i was dead. i found another new video from someone and it happens to him too.