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Broken chemlight no texture and effects after dropping
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A broken chemlight will neither have a texture nor illuminate surrounding structures / objects when dropped from inventory to vincinity.


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Break chemlight in vincinity
take chemlight from hands to inventory
drag to vincinity again.

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Confirm, there comes a message that I don't have in mind now, like color action or something like that, then the breaklight disappears from your hands and returns somewhere in the vicinity...

andy added a comment.Nov 7 2014, 10:26 AM

Hi ChainReactor,
thank you for your report!
The issue is now scheduled for a fix.

The Note occurring at breaking a Chem Light and dropping it out of the Hand says: "color action".

Breaking a Chem Light with holding a Weapon and filled Inventory should leave the Chem Light on the Floor, still glowing - it is actually going dark again, saying "color action". Too, Chem Lights should only be able to be activated once, fading Light after a Period of Time, like real Chem Lights do.