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Would be nice to know, from where got hit by shot
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Whenever I get hit (and don't die immediately), I wonder where the shooter is.
If I get shot in reallife (hopefully not), I know pretty sure, from which direction the shot came from.
So it would make sense, to know it in DayZ too!
Perhaps like in COD, where i can see it via a fat red part of a circle.


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I actually agree with this. No need for any indication of how far or anything like that. But when someone shoots at you and hits, you should most definitely get some sort of indication for the shooter's direction. Only show the indicator if you actually get hit with the bullet of course though.

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I think that the only indicator we need is the sound. With that CoD indicator we are taking off some of the realism in the game and is not fun.

lork, if you get a karate kick to the head, is the only way to tell where the attacker is where his shout came from?
as we can't feel the hit itself, a visual indicator like in other games would be only fair.
also 3d sounds aren't good enough yet to be as realistic as it could be.
i don't know if you know the cracking sounds supersonic projectiles create, but in arma, even with soundmods you weren't able to tell the bullet's direction, as it was a static sound. with a moving sound source you would be able to, but as this would be to extensive to calculate for a game, it wont come until arma 5 or so :)
until then, indicators would be nice to have, but not a must have, as soon as you actuially hear all gunshots within range

If you are hit by a karate fighter, you SEE it because he's got to stand directly in front of you by nature.

If you get shot, the bullet might come from 500-however many meters away from you, you would not necessary see the sniper. So if you can't see it in DayZ now, he might be hidden behind an edge or simply too far away for you to see him.

Perfectly realistic, don't change the current system, please!

Hi NewOutlaw,

We appreciate you sending in this suggestion. However, I'll close the ticket since implementing such a feature does not seem to be fully in line with the developers' current vision of the game.