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Game causes intense motion sickness
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DayZ causes intense motion sickness. It's worst when inside of buildings. I've tried turning off motion blur, head bobbing, post processing, turning all graphics down to minimal, and expanding the FOV to max. It's the same for 1st and 3rd person views. I've lasted about 30 minutes before needing to lay down due to the nausea. The issue seems to be slight delays when looking around or turning because that's when it seems to be the worst.


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Play the game.

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I've never had this issue with any PC game ever. I play tons of FPS and 3PS games. I'd really love to be able to play this game since I just spent $30 on it but it's not worth getting sick every time. Google searches turn up players with similar issues so you need to do something before a wide release.

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I thought about this on my side and I think this is maybe caused by several things.

The sun in this game is very annoying. I personally turn my head down to see more clear in direction to the sun.
Then I get sick. (Sunglasses on the Character dont have any effect ;) )
This is the same when people wear glasses in reality, and they are not anti-reflective. (Thatwhy people pay a lot for better glasses not to get migrane)

Then the Frames in combination with "badly wanting to see something, that is somehow not clear to see all the time"

Buildings are flickering/changing the state of complexity all the time. This is since ever.
The rest of the world seems to be fine, but it is very stressful if the thing you zoom in is allways changing its detail in very stupid ways.
If you move your head, the qualitylevels of things move to another state, but there is no difference of distance.

Some tension is maybe caused by the fact, that I am allways in fear not to see something. There may be Items clipping out, there may be another player ... And you cannot trust the game in clear vision. -> Migrane
This is like pupil in school getting real migrane if they are in a lot of tension and if they dont want to do something badly/hate the teacher. (fact)

Solution: Play this game drunk, but not tooo drunk :D, then you stop caring.

andy added a comment.Oct 28 2014, 3:31 PM

Hi Psypher,
thank you for your feedback - while we are aware of the issue, it would take quite some time to get rid of - for now, all I can suggest is turning Head bob off, adjusting FoV and various blur effects in the Video settings - it should hopefully help most players.
The visuals of the game are a subject to eventual change, please be patient.