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[PRIMARY REPORT] Some gunshots are not heard by other players
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Sometimes you can't hear the shots that were fired in a distance. For example, some of my friends hear the gunshot and I don't, or I can hear it but they can't.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Get a bunch of people together
-Move away from them (about 300-400m)
-See if you can hear the shots

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I can confirm the attachment workaround worked for me too. Nice work, Tit4nNL.

I politely and strongly recommend a fix for this bug be escalated in priority.

Most DayZ bugs are inconveniences, cause server crashes, or mostly harmless. This bug is very harmful. Not hearing gunshots in a gunfight is like being castrated. I can't think of any bug that is more important to fix at the moment. It's very common to not hear shots, I'd estimate the bug affects about half the people you encounter, though it could be more since the nature of the bug means you may not even know when it is occurring (you can't identify the absence of something). Particularly if you are being sniped!

Andy, please share any info you are able to regarding how deep of a problem it is (simple fix? or needs entire rebuild of sound engine?). Any info regarding timing is also appreciated, though I definitely understand there can be unforeseen delays & complications.

cs_wolf added a subscriber: cs_wolf.May 8 2016, 8:24 PM

I was getting shot at by some automatic rifle and did not hear no shot, he shot like 15 times and I didnt know where I was getting shot from, this has to be a priority fix for 0.51 please, I will wait as long as it takes for this to get fixed, thankyou <3

The distance does not matter. I emptied a 30 round mp5 mag about 10 meters from my brother and he heard nothing from it. He could see my firing but no sound from the gun was made for him.

My friend prefers shooting zombies over melee. We play about 20 hours a week together so I hear a lot of shots.

Hee can be 5 feet away, or 300 feet away -- it makes no difference, I only hear about 1/3 of his shots. No gunshot, no bullet impact. Nothing.

I don't know why. I haven't spotted any pattern to it. He's used all kinds of guns, none are any better or worse at properly making sound.

It is terrifying that someone could be shooting at you from 5 feet away, yet you wouldn't hear anything at all.

EDIT: If I had to guess, I would say the pattern is that it's my friend -- or rather that it's someone I've been near for a while. Something about playing with the same person for a while, being near each other, makes it so you can't hear their gunshots. A theory, at least. I don't recall ever running up to a unknown player who shot at me and I didn't hear their shots.

Same problem here. While playing with friend yesterday he was killing zombies with SKS and i only heard like 10 % of shots. He had the same problem with hearing my mosin and akm. The only thing that I heard every time is his makarov and he heard my longhorn.

andy added a comment.Oct 29 2014, 4:04 PM

Hi everyone,
we investigated this and discovered some possible causes, which are now scheduled for a fix.
Thank you for your feedback,

Tit4nNL added a subscriber: Tit4nNL.May 8 2016, 8:24 PM

The thing that me and my clan mates noticed is that it was somehow tied to inventory not showing. Let me explain.

Edit: it might seem I posted it on the wrong issue at first but continue reading, I know this is about absent gun sound.

Sometimes when you log into a server and for example find a backpack. You look in the backpack and see no items. You pick up the backpack and see that there actually were 4 items in it. Same thing with tents. Sometimes you log back and go t your camp. You see all your tents are empty. The way you fix this is by putting an extra item in it, basically forcing a visual update on the contents. It now shows all items.

The way this translate into guns is that when me and my clanmates are playing, we sometimes cant hear eachothers gunshots, but what really ties to the previous issue, is that we also cannot see eachothers weapon attachments. These weapon attachments are basically in the 'intentory' of the gun. To fix invisible attachments we basically just forced the same visual update by having them take off an attachments and putting it back on. For example a fully equiped mosin with burlap wrap didnt show anything bu8t when my friend took his compensator off it showed it all again. This also fixed the missing gun sound issue for us.

This obviously only works with friends or friendlies as you can't really ask a sniper shooting at you to swap out his attachments. But atleast it's something. I am not 100% sure if all this REALLY ties together but since the problems had so much in common, we deducted that it probably had something to do with sound being tied to a gunmodule not loading properly.

PS: The only way we got it to work on weapons without attachments was to put all our non-attachment weapons on the floor and everyone holding it in their hands so it would update for the rest.

f1v3 added a subscriber: f1v3.May 8 2016, 8:24 PM
f1v3 added a comment.Nov 12 2014, 11:39 AM

@Tit4nNL: sounds promising :)

The attachments issue I can also confirm, will try to see if it fixes the sound too.

So this issue wasn't fixed with 0.50, when exactly is this fix scheduled for?

.51 experimental. Fired a mosin near a friend. He heard nothing.

"Hi everyone,
we investigated this and discovered some possible causes, which are now scheduled for a fix.
Thank you for your feedback,
Andy "

2 months ago, but hey..we got more clothes

This has become a huge issue for everyone especially poor people that put so much concentration in the game. In my opinion sound should start getting fixed, "I" can wait for content anytime but hearing gunshots is a must at this very point in the game with so many guns already. Lets try keeping this at the top of the dayz feedback page :)

Can any dev give us the status of this bug please? :X Thankyou :)

Jalapan added a subscriber: Jalapan.May 8 2016, 8:24 PM

This is the most gamebreaking bug, fix it ASAP

OK - for me that's the last straw. This is a game-breaking bug. No excuse 'it's an Alpha' is acceptable on this one. If you have no idea where the shots came from, then it is an unplayable game. So for now - GOODBYE Dayz.

Hey, atleast they're linking duplicates to this one, so they know that there are lots of things like this being complained about, they just dont care, cause we need clothes and more melee weapons

Should be fixed in 0.52, because they mentioned it in the new status report. "Sound System Support" they called it on the list of things to be fixed.

andy added a comment.Dec 9 2014, 3:23 PM

Hi everyone,
there have been some tweaks to this, would it be possible to let us know if you encounter this issue again?
Thank you,

Hi Andy, from what I have seen on streams, the problem still persists.

Andy, 2 things:

  1. Yes, it is still happening. Having seen your 'tweaks made' message we went online to test it. My m8 and I stood 20 mtrs apart in an open field and we took turns in firing 4 rounds each from auto shotguns just off target of each other. He heard my second, third and fourth shots, but not my first, although he clearly saw the gunsmoke.

I only heard his fourth shot, all the others were silent for me.

  1. You seem to have acquired Hicks ability to be a complete politician and it feels like you have penned that note just to keep the peasants (us) happy. PLEASE just be honest and let us know what is happening with this awful bug, more often than once every 6 weeks - is that too much to ask??

If your marketing people say, never mind lets just sell more copies, then asking us to help with Alpha testing is really just a big joke.

Although I said previously 'goodbye Dayz' like many, many others I really want this to be a success and prior to the audio bug I really enjoyed palying (apart from hackers - which is another gripe all together).

Damnit m8, we are trying our best to give you guys feedback, but it really feels like someone high-up at BI doesn't give a sh1t.

BTW @cs_wolf 'Sound System Support' means little on it's own. Some detail from Andy on that would go a long way to difusing the bad PR which is building up over the audio bug.

The problem is still there, is it better than before... i feel it is slightly. but most gun shots on high pop servers seem to not be heard still.

This bug is what stops me playing standalone at the moment.

I agree with the person above me, id love some insight into why such a bug still exists and what is being changed to try fix it.

norpy added a subscriber: norpy.May 8 2016, 8:24 PM
norpy added a comment.Dec 15 2014, 1:52 PM

While not the exact same issue, this also happens when playing on servers with lightning and thunder. One or more players in the group does not hear the thunderclap. Even though we are on the same spot.

andy added a comment.Dec 18 2014, 11:54 AM

Should be fixed on Experimental! Please understand, that similar issues might occur again (in which case, please definitely submit new tickets!) for various other reasons, but the main culprit has been identified and hopefully overcome :).
Thank you all for your feedback on this, appreciated!