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[Exp 0.50.125257] Footwear (Shoes/Boots) Condition Degrades Rapidly.
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All footwear degrades at an Extremely fast rate. My spawn athletic shoes only took me 1km on a straight as the crow flies run across fields before being ruined.

My friends and I tested a few pairs of Pristine Military and Combat boots at the NWAF. We ran along the runway itself from one end to the other and back again, we managed less than 2 lengths of the runway before the boots were ruined, around 2km in total.


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It's often the case that in experimental on first contact to player the devs exaggerate some settings, like tomato that grows in 8 minutes or cooling off setting to December for testing purpose.

I guess this is similar here. They just make it so extreme so that we have the change to test as much as possible:) I am pretty sure that this will be balanced really soon when they know that there is no bigger bug related with it

Not one to assume anything so... Confirmed, it's absolutely crazy fast. Does not seem to make any difference what type of shoe either, wear out rate seems to be the same for all shoes.

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Hi Euphoria,
this has been reported before, please see #18196.