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Default settings (FOV, head bob, etc) may be causing motion sickness for many players in first person
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In many DayZ community discussions, the topic of motion sickness has often come up as a common reason that players avoid first person.

I wondered why this seems to be a reoccurring complaint, as I've rarely heard of people mentioning motion sickness with other FPS titles. I then came across this post on Reddit and realized the problem may be a result of some of the default settings:

I take for granted that one of the first things I do in any game is tweak the video settings, but my guess is there is a majority of new players who do not, and simply switch to using third person as a means to an end?


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I have this problem with Motion Sickness in DayZ very hardly.. Like 10 Min. in 1st view i have to go to bed for half an hour.
I figured out it was because of Head Bob and running...
As i turned Head Bob completly down the sickness disappeared.
So for me it is really so, that the default settings were to hardcore^^

Me too. Not on some days but normaly this shaking makes me very tired and once caused serious headache

andy added a comment.Oct 23 2014, 10:52 AM

Hi Brokunn,
thank you for bringing this to our attention - we are aware of the problem (in fact, myself had quite some headaches when starting with the game) - for now however, all I can suggest is turning Head bob off, adjusting FoV and various blur effects in the Video settings - it should hopefully help most players.
The visuals of the game are a subject to eventual change, please be patient.