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Eating directly from tent bugs the slot permanently.
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Like the title says eating food from the tent directly (right click food inside the tent to eat) will make a permanent invisible unusable slot. Similar to the old 0% can bug but this one does not fix after re-log because it related to persistence.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. put food inside a tent.
  2. right click it and eat.
  3. try putting something in that slot, you can't.

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Good to know. I noticed similar with a bunch of bags I had. 2 slots seemed to mess up when i tried to eat them from the bag when it was on the ground and i hadn't put it on my back since I was back on that server. I'm going to go back in and try emptying it out.. then putting it on my back to see if that fixes the free slots.. if so maybe u could pack up ur tent and it could be a temp fix.

Well I tried it and it did work for the back pack. I tested to see if the slots were still bugged before emptying it out then popping it back on my back and they were. Popped it on my back and then i could refill all slots. I would try with my tents but the servers i setup on always seem to crash a day into it :D It's so frustrating. I've lost 4 tents so far >.<

ive lost two fully equipped m4's and a fully equipped mosin and 4 tents with tons of grenades and ammo, its part of the alpha process. were here to test. and u cant pack a tent if it has something in it (0% food example).

andy added a comment.Oct 17 2014, 11:53 AM

thank you for your report.
This has been reported before - please see #17615.