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[Exp 0.50.125214] Dropped Items Are Invisible For All Players Until Leaving And Rejoining Server.
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Exp 0.50.125214 Bug.

When items are dropped from a player inventory, around 50% of the time, the item becomes invisible for all players on that server. Leaving the server and rejoining results in the item being visible again, but only for the player that left and rejoined.

Myself and a group of friends tested this on Exp 0.50.125214 last night. We dropped items one at a time, all different items, and around 50% of them became invisible when dropped.

This bug does not seem to be confined to particular items or areas of the map. Test was performed in a number of different areas including, roads, buildings, fields, forests, on stairs... e.t.c all items were affected.


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Drop any item on the ground.

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Can confirm, had that on this exp as well.
Seems the persistency needs a bit more work, maybe that's why servers are crashing so often as well.

Myself and a group of team-mates have had this issue again multiple times over the past few days. It seems to be around 50% of the time it happens. The server or terrain seems to make no difference.

andy added a comment.Oct 20 2014, 2:26 PM

Hi survivors,
did any of you notice this having anything to do with overall low server performance, accompanied by desynchronisation, delays and such? Or can this occur even when there are no connection problems?

we mostly play on full servers so I suspect this was happening on full or nearly full servers. So I think that servers were under some strain although I do not recall having any noticeable desync or such.
Also sometimes I could see the dropped item,but my buddy couldn't and vice versa. Relog would fix this, but it could reappear with another stuff dropped (happened a lot since we carried 2 rifles).

Hi Andy, thank you for your response.

Myself and the guys I game with have noticed this issue on many different Exp servers, local ones where our pings are <30, also servers on the other side of the world (Aus/Nz & Singapore) where pings are >300. Almost full servers, half full and even on servers where it's just our group and 2 or 3 random players.
Overall server performance doesn't seem to effect it as it's happened on every server we have tried, which is most or at least a large portion of them.
Also desync doesn't seem to have any affect. We've had cases where 4 of us are all sitting in a forest checking our desync to see if anyone is in our bubble, one person drops a few items, the first drops and is visible, the second disappears, the third visible, the forth visible, the fifth disappears.... It seems kind of random.
We have tried waiting around for 5 minutes, but still no thing appears. One person leaves the server and rejoins, the item is visible but only for them.

This has happened to every member of our team multiple times on all iterations of 0.50 Experimental with all different item types, in different places and servers.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more info.
Thanks again.


i also heard that bug from 2 mates of my clan .... most of the time weapons were missing.

I never had such a missing bug, but i always was a lonesome hunter.

So maybe it is just a group problem at all.

Just my 2 Cents