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Add some kind of "rining in the ears" when shooting a weapon in buildings or without a supressor
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Normally when you are shooting in RL you wear some Ear-protectors.

I think it would be nice if you add some "rining in the ears" when a gun/rifle is shot without a supressor. Especially when you are shooting with a rifle inside a building or a hangar at the airfield where the pressure can't escape into the air.

The effect of this might be, that you can't here doors opening and footsteps for a few seconds because of this.

In addition there might be an additional item, like protectors, to minimize the effect mentioned above.

I'm of the opinion that it could be a nice feature, just vote to see if you also like it.


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Several Hollywood Movies leave the Audience with a Beep-Sound for a short while, when the Main Character has been exposed to a Grenade Explosion or something similar (see e.g. "Saving Private Ryan"), not a bad Idea. Up-Vote given...

Outstanding suggestion. Folks forget how loud firearms are, I want this implemented as soon as possible.

I am sure, it would be shockingly surprising to many of those Trigger-Happies, if a Weapon fired inside a Building would go off at 150% Loudness, followed by a muffled hearing ability and a slowly fading Beep Sound for 30 - 45 Seconds or so... ;-)