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Video camera that records
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Imagine picking up a video camera that records someones journey and voices, then they get killed and someone sees the recordings...make your story :P
Records for like 5 minutes due to battery being low and cannot be used again.


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It would be cool, but that seems a LONG way off.

The idea is very cool, I like it. But I'm concerned about the data that would have to be broadcast and stored on the database since a video is a lot more than just a few bytes of player data or item properties.

Yes that is the problem, what if the video was stored on each steam account (steam has a videos tab for each profile) then the camera would just fetch the link and show? Might break immersion tho. Instead of it being dayz storing it. I might be confusing the idea... :X

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This would kill the gameplay-flow I think.

Because.. imagine you have no Cable internet.. a 10MB Video needs to download like this minimum 15 seconds... even more.

Private servers can have 1 camera in their hive. And public 10 in their hive. Not much space taken up.

That would require the video to be broadcast from the respective steam account to the watching player ingame. Not that it's impossible, there is already a scripting command called <b><i>openYoutubeVideo</i></b> so it might be quite possible to create one to open Steam account videos, but Steam would have to play along and all that is a lot of effort for a rather small feature, imho.

That is true.

never going to happen