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[Exp 0.50.125144] All servers dying after 2nd restart. Now all dead worldwide!
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Myself and a few clan mates from other countries have checked all Experimental US, UK, EU, AU and Asian servers ingame and on servertracker, but they're all down except 1.

I know Exp is unstable in itself, but this seems extreme, 0.50 seems to be the most unstable so far.
Not a complaint, just want to bring it to your attention.


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The last EU server DE-05 died about an hour ago. Now none of us can see any working Exp servers at all, worldwide.

Please keep an eye on this and see if some servers will come up on Monday again or if there's any coherence with an eventual exp update if such will come on Monday or Tuesday. We appreciate your feedback.


I believe that the only exp that is up has a .49 rather than a .50 build. I tried to log in to it but I keep getting the "no message" message as soon as I start to move. Please see attached .jpg

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Why it is necessary to wait till Wednesday or Monday?. How it is possible to test something if works nothing?. Why from 20 - 30 exp servers work only 4 - 5?. Why on one servers there is Loot and on others isn't present absolutely?.
It is only a few questions which arise till 0.50.
You will tell... "It is an alpha"..., BUT EVEN IN the ALPHA! it is possible to play comfortably!. But I am afraid not in this case.

Please fix this. Holiday weekend here in Canada and my favourite patch is unavailable.


A few hours ago, Eugen Harton, posted on Reddit that the servers were defaulted and will now be up and running. They were working.... for an hour, now we are down to just 4-5 working, the rest are dead again.

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Blint added a comment.Oct 12 2014, 6:08 PM

yesterday all UK server died and from DE there are only 2 playable

And today there are all experimental servers down again for the whole day till now didnt find anny announcements so i think its not official downtime

andy added a comment.Oct 24 2014, 1:22 PM

we believe this has been fixed.
Please submit a new ticket if the issue persists.