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Dev team is spoling the game with meta data
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A player death heat map was posted on the devhub today.

  • It removes a big chunk of "wow i just found out..." feeling from the game.
  • It promotes meta gaming.

I predict that Zeleno will now be very popular as a mil-loot farming place, which in turn will attract griefers to this formerly quiet and nice city.

Devs, why the f*k would you do this????


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No, just don't Ever

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There were some discussion about this on the mod forums (pre-SA) and most people found this to be a Very Bad Idea (tm) since it introduces even more meta-gaming.

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When people are able to host their own servers, anyone would be able to do this, and I guarantee they will.

Whatever devs have done today affects nothing.

Its just 12 hours of experimental, not one month of stable. It doesn't provide any information that could be used for meta gaming. And even if it did, things are still changing rapidly. You might also consider changing your tone, its a bug-tracker, not your personal agony column.

Hello magmatrix,

Thanks for sending in your feedback on this issue. Your opinion has been considered, but I'll close out your ticket since there's no bug here.