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hyper-unrealistic dying of hypothermia
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this i so frustrating and unrealistic

irw when you run you would heat up, you could never die so fast of hypothermic, in special when you have clothing in normal condition!

this need to be fixed


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and it is now known, that they are testing with temperatures of December, so worst case winter hardcore weather with lets say about 1 degree at 12:00 and even colder when the day comes to an end... So you have to make a fire to stand warm or you will be freezing somehow in a really short time:)

Irw you can't just log out and stop losing heat for hours. As nobody plays this game 24/7 the rates need to be faster than realistic to result in realistic gameplay.

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ok maybe heres a point - if the game is simulating really cold temperature its ok.. but still .. you wouldnt DIE of this in so short time! keep in mind, i was not running in underpants.. ;)

und still ..with underpants you also wouldnt DIE so fast..when you have something to eat and heating up your body with movement.. !

Don't fool yourself here. You can eat tons of food between server restarts while in real life, eating a can of beans and drinking a bottle of water can fill your stomach half a day. And you don't die within 20 minutes from eating rotten fruits. So at the current state, the whole health and nutrition system is - compared to reality - preposterously rapid.

I don't know if they're gonna change that, because this would mean that loot would have to be much rarer than it already is, plus you should be able to survive more than an ingame week which is totally off the way DayZ was from the very beginnings of the mod.

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0017130: [PRIMARY REPORT] Character cools down/gets hypothermic too quickly

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