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Unable to interact when full server?
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While playing suddenly doors do not respond when i try open them and nearby
loot shows up in my vicinity but im unable to pick them up. I can not use
weapons either. My character moves as normal. This has happend a few times and
every time i have been inside a house unable to get out since my habbit is to
close the doors behind. So im not sure but i think players disappear from my
view like im losing connection with the server but im still connected. Only
thing to do is exit.
What ive noticed is when i look at the server in the server list it shows
full (40/40)after i exit, everytime. I refresh a few times but still it shows
full. It also might be related to another problem i have. When i click play
after starting the game, a black screen appears with "Wait for host.." and
nothing more happens. This also seem to happen if server is full. This might be a
problem that occurs when server reaches full or when someone joins a full server.


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Game Freezes
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Join a full server or play on a server until it reaches full. Or play on a server until it reaches full and have someone try to join your server.

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Hello HardPotetmos,

If you send me a note with your Steam Profile ID url, I'll check and see if it's related to your account in the character database. Example: ""

If you prefer to send your Steam ID url in a private message, you can click the "Make Private" button to the left of your message after you click the button labeled "Add Note".


I was playing yesterday and the "wait for host" problem was gone, i had the normal "maximum number of players reached" message. I didnt get to test playing on a server until it reached full cause alot of the servers with 37/40 and 38/40 still gave me the "maximum number of players reached". The one i managed to join didnt fill up.
Today both problems were back like before. Today i also had no servers in the "internet" tab in the lobby. No filters were set. "Favorite" and "History" tabs were normal.

Thanks for sending in your information. Nothing seems to be wrong with your account, so we'll try and see if we can reproduce the issue on our end.

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Hi HardPotetmos,
is this still an issue?
We have not had other reports describing a similar issue and it might have gone away.

Sorry for the late respons and yes it is still an issue.
After the releas of 0.50 to stable it seems that it doesent happen as often as befor. To me it has only happend once after 0.50.
I was playing on a 50player server and this time for a split second the red text "No message recieved" appeared as it counted from 10 to 11 and then disappeared. I waited to see if something would happen when reaching 90sec. but nothing happend so i thought i had regained connection. But since Elektro never sleeps on a full server i got suspicious. I exited and tried to rejoin and the for ever "Wait for host" message was back. Server player count was 49/50.
I havnt found any issue reports that seems to relate to mine and tere hasnt been much response on my report but i know im not the only one. I saw this happen on a livestream on twitch with M1NDR. As with me the problem occured when people joined and the server filled up. His friends experienced the same problems at the same time and when he exited and tried to rejoin he got the for ever "Wait for host" message. I think they fixed it by restarting the server but i have experienced playing on servers with 2 and 4hour restarts and are not able to join the same server for days.

I played today and i suddenly were unable to interact like before so i thought i would try to continue without exiting to see if it would last for ever.
After 3-4 minutes the red text "No message recieved" appeard and this time it stayed until 90sec. I managed to check the player list before i exited. It showed 39/40. The list had frozen to but i saw in the frozen list that one player was joining before the freez.
This time i also managed to rejoin after i lost connection.
Maybe exiting before the red text appear on the screen creates the problem?

During christmas me and my brother played dayz sitting next to eachother and we both experienced this problem at the same time. My brother is not that patient so i didnt try to wait but we were both unable to rejoin.

And again i watched M1NDR stream yesterday and again he had the same problem. He was trying to rejoin but the server was full. Although he said that he wasnt sure if that was actually correct so that would match my experience with the problem, it happened with 50/50 on the server. He seemed sure that the server didnt restart but that it was a server issue and i also feel very sure this is a serverissue of some sort.

I dont know what i can do to give you guys more helpful info on this, i will post if i notice something of value.

Could it be a anti-virus problem?

I played yesterday and the problem ocurred. I waited to see what happened with time but nothing changeed during 15min. But i noticed this time all the loot was gone.
I exited the game and by coincidence i checked the log for my Norton anti-virus and it had blocked DAYZ.EXE and BESERVICE.EXE several times during the time i was playing.
I changed the program rules From "Automatic" to "Allow" for both Battleeye, DayZ and all the steam related programs. This did not stop the blocking and i can not manage to find any solution that stops it from blocking.

It could very well be an antivirus issue since you would get "disconnected" from the server if your AV blocks the communication between your pc and the server. I'll keep the ticket open for now and see if we can reproduce on our end.

I uploaded three print screen pictures showing how it looks like. I know its not in english but i guess most of the valueable info is universal. I can translate if you need it.

That's alright, I read norwegian :) It certainly looks like your antivirus is disrupting your connection to the game servers. Exactly how to make sure that Norton does not block/disrupt your connection to the servers, I wouldn't know. For that I would recommend that you contact Norton's support team:

I'll close this ticket as a "no bug", but in case the problem persists after you create an exception for DayZ/BE in Norton, please feel free to submit a new ticket on the tracker.