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[v0.50.125214] Game first freezes for few seconds and crashes
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This is really annoying. I´ve never have encountered this kind of a crash before nor in the last experimental patch.

Please fix this before releasing the another exp. patch!

Edit: This happens on 0.50.125214 and I´ve seen other players reporting it.

You really need to fix it.


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Important: It seems like the game crashes, because the memory gets filled. This does not happen on stable.

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I got this error the last time my game crashed:

"Task at 0x00833a37 referenced to memory at 0x00000000.
Memory cannot be read."

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But now I got this error:

Task at 0x00833a37 referenced to memory at 0x00000000.
Memory cannot be read.

The game is quite un-playable. Can you please fix this ASAP?

this is ridiculous! I just crashed whilst I got attacked by a zed

Please don't link files from file hosters. Please attach them to the ticket.

The file was too big to be uploaded onto here.

I'll try to upload the files inside the .rar -file separately

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confirmed on experimental the game freezes and crashes -> in game the ppl get the message loosing connection
game crashes without error code and can be restartet without error

@_M4Z_TeR_, no worries. I haven't checked the file size. Nobody will cry if it doesn't fit here. ;-)

Well, the crash happens on 0.50.125214.

You really need to acknowledge this ASAP

This issue was mentioned in the Devs tweets, posts and announcements when the latest iteration of Exp was released. They clearly said, they know about it and are working on it. Chill out _M4Z_TeR_

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we are currently investigating a bunch of similar crashes and the fixes for them might help you as well, but in the meanwhile I am going to need you to attach your DxDiag ( report to this ticket.

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I'm experiencing same issues as well. Have noticed that the last few crashes occurred for me when sprinting with a sledgehammer in my hands. Not sure if that is helpful but wanted to mention.

I posted the dxdiag file

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On a separate note M4Z TeR, please keep it polite when reporting defects.

On the new patch, my game crashed in 15 seconds after joining a server

andy added a comment.Nov 3 2014, 3:43 PM

we are now using the #17972 ticket for this issue. There should have been some improvements recently, please be patient.