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Able to attach Firewood to a Fireplace Kit that is still in your Inventory.
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Your character is able to attach Firewood to a Fireplace Kit that is still in the Inventory. Combining those two items in your inventory allows you to save a lot more extra space, without having to manually carry wood to a campfire.

This allows your character to deploy an Ignite-ready Fireplace without having to look for wood after setting it on the ground.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Craft a Fireplace Kit.
  2. Cut down some wood from a Tree.
  3. Drag a single piece of wood from the Vicinity into the Fireplace Kit that is in your inventory.
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Related to issue. Combining the two allows you to carry a Fireplace Kit inventory with additional 1 piece of wood and 8 Stones attached to it.

Screenshot #1 - Attaching Firewood to a Fireplace Kit in my inventory.

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Confirmed, this also works with a rock. You can attach them both to your fireplace kit and have a stone ready to repair axes with ready to go. All with the convenience of one 2x4 slot :)

Not just a rock, eight rocks!