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Loot not spawning on 3rd/1st person EXP servers
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After a server reset about 4 hours ago, I was unable to log on to any of the 3rd person experimental servers. I am now able to log on, but no items spawn anywhere. Not simply food, or weapons/ammo, but I cannot find even chemlights, hammers, hats, etc. I have tried every 3rd person server I can connect to, and after a collective hour in each running from Krastonav to Berezino I have not seen a single item I could pick up at all.


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Had similar experience during 25-30 min run on a 3rd/1st person server (build 0.50.125144)during early hours 9/10/14

Realize it could be a case of the player having no luck on an extremely busy server. But literally NOTHING was spawning. The only thing found was a 'pristine' rotten apple - obviously picked from tree and dropped by previous player.

I thought the same thing too Cabbage, but it has been the same on 5 different servers now. Even if a lot of the loot had been picked up by players, one would still expect to see the more 'useless' items that other players would have no reason to pick up. Especially given how abundant all loot was on EXP servers shortly after the new update

Edit: Have also experienced this on 1st person servers

Hello kalynndarcy,

Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #17634.