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Nooooo not again!
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Every time now I play on Exp, I die not only just by starvation/dehydration/Zeds but by AUTO-RUN. I posted and posted here and tracker about this AUTO-RU n issue and they don't seem to help...............its certainly doing my head in! (frustrating).

Another thing is how is a bambi/players supposed to live, there's no LOOT or MELEE to arm against zeds..............This is a dreadful loot system! >:o(

Zeds R to OP!

Please Please HELP!


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  1. Stop and get rid of AUTO-RUN! >;o(
  2. Get rid of this Loot system or fix it so we can find stuff easier, This system U have in place doesn't work, people R dieing.
  3. Nurf a bit more the zeds.

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I agree that it is close to impossible to test and supply bug feedback when the most fundamental thing in a survival game is impossible to achieve when loot does not spawn and you die of starvation within 15 minutes.

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Hi goanna,
all these issues have been reported before.

  • please see the primary ticket for #17595 for the auto-run
  • loot and Zombie power are a subject of continuous rebalancing