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90% of melee weapons
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ARE COMPLETELY USELESS. Youre better off fighting with your firsts half the time. Majority of melee weapons do little to no damage it seems. The new items are almost worse, they look cool yeah. but are crap.

I suggest raising the damage or lowering zombies health more. either or would make it all that much better.


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grab a crowbar, baton, pitchfork, anything.
Try kill a zombie.
come back tell me how long it took you.

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this is actually true, it's much more better to use your fists rather than any of these "melee" weapons.

Even using a fire axe I can stand right next to a zombie, so close I cant move an closer and can't hit it. An axe should be able to hit from a few feet away

I am supporting this. Machette is a really powerfull apocalyptic weapon in good hands, but player to player combat, fists are way too more better.

Killed a group of 6 zombies in under 30 seconds, not that long really.

Honestly though, some, not all do need a bit more damage, zombie health is fine, axes, pick axes and hoes are usually 1 hit kills unless it's a military zombie, which then it's a 2 hit kill.

andy added a comment.Oct 9 2014, 11:41 AM

thank you for your report - the state of melee combat has been reported multiple times before and we are actively tweaking it. In order to reach the properly balanced state, quite some time and patience from you might be needed.
Thank you for understanding,