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Running between bullet without getting hit
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It is possible to run up to a person shooting at you with a full automatic rifle the only thing you have to do is running a bit from site to site.

Thats defenetly not realistic and ruins a lot of the gameplay, its making an axe more effevtive than a gun or rifle in an 1: duel.

Is this going to be fixed?


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You cant fix player attidute. Comeone, you really got a problem with zig zag running? I know, even you did that when you knew you was going to get killed, so stop complaining. This is not bug report dammit.

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JustCaused this has nothing to do with player attitude it is just not realistic to outrun a bulletswarm from a AK in real life.

I'm not complaining just suggesting an improvement to the game so that the shoot/combat can get as good as any other 3rd/2st person shooters.

And to comment on your tone of language please behave nicely this is not a place for childishly critisism of other persons effort to help developers.

Yeah, I understand all that, but its all about player actions. You cant punish player for doing zig zag, correct me if I am wrong. Only thing you can do to stop non realistic zig zag is to make Assault Rifle shoot bullets like shotgun.

I think that a small tweak to how charectars move could do the job for examble you can change running direction 180 degress in just a split second whit no decrease in speed maybe changing something like that so that it reflects reality a bit more.

Probably related to hitbox desync. You are shooting at the player model but the hitbox is elsewhere (basically the reverse of zombies hitting you from outside a house).

Also running speed is very high at the moment - maybe subject to change.

Exactly my thoughts :)

Roadrage please spare us your useless comments. Shitty comments only prevent people from suggestion ideas to help making a good game.

This whole issue is a useless waste of the devs time, they have real issues to deal with not some guy who wants to whine because he can't kill a Bambi on site then gets punched out and killed LOL

I have to agree with Roadrage's second comment, it's a waste of time, you just need to learn how to aim.

It is okay to have a different opinion i respect that just keep these notes constructive and free of personal critism of others opinion

I still Think fixing hitbox desync is time Well spent

Hello Senmann,

So far I've not really experienced this issue. If I'm fast/precise enough when aiming, then my chances with an automatic weapon are not all too bad to be honest. I'll close the ticket since I don't see an issue here.