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Hacker who can strip You off everything.
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I was playing on the hardcore server (, "BlackD´s Hardcore Server |24/7 Daylight|2hr restarts|") and I was trying to create a split for my friend who got shot, second later game lagged and next thing I saw was me and my friend stripped from our equipment, and some german player came with the axe in his hands. I was trying to get my saw-off shotgun from the backpack, but it returned to the backpack immediatly. I hope that anti-hack protection will be enforced soon, cause this game is no fun with them in it...
Anyway You are doing great JOB, thanks, took almost 1000 hours from my life, 965 to be exact ^_^


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I had a similar experience. We spawned with a friend in Cherno. My friend was on the roof of a big building near the big hotel. I was on 1st floor of another building. My friend saw a hacker, I was staymng out of the windows. I put my mosin out but it fell automatically on the ground. I tried to take again in the hands and it fell again on the floor. My friend tried to shoot from rooftop on the hacker. He managed to shot once but then his weapon fell on the floor. I said to my friend it is a hacker and we should disconnect very fast. We were unfortunately dead when we joined another server (I was in a room without windows so the hacker had a trick to see through walls)....

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Exactly the same happened to me some minutes ago. All my gear fell off, I was not able to take it anymore and then I died.

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Same thing just a few minutes ago... I reset our server because of it (luckily I can).