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Looks like, but does not behave like, being connected to the server
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Sometimes it seems as if the connection to the server is dropped. I can still move around, but it is impossible to use items or interact with anything. I notice it as soon as i try to use anything.
This is most annoying when running all the way over the map and then stopping for food/drink and finding out that the last 20 minutes was all for nothing.


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Play the game for a while. Happens to me about one every second hour, on average.

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Hello magmatrix,
this sounds strange, are you sure it is not caused by your connection? Does it occur on any server or only on some?
Thank you,

No, it's not a network problem, at least not on my side. Everything else worked perfectly (i have 100/100 mbit fiber, no network problems for at least 4-5 years, no noticable packet loss etc), no problems with other computers/phones/media players/file server etc connected to the net.

This happened on at least 3 different servers the same day. When i think of it, i noticed that there were no zombies when this happened. It's like the servers stopped sending data, but my client still thought it was connected.

Happened here, right now:

  lastMPServerName="[Addut] Finnish Game Addicts";

i can see a player stuck in running animation, i can't interact with anything, but still connected. I can walk around.

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I am having this exact same problem, and it migrated across my old computer to my new one. The only thing they have in common is Kaspersky Internet Security 2014/15, VPN software and a CG3000 router, hardware-wise. I have run with Kaspersky off, individually disabled the components, everything except uninstalling it, which is my next step.

I know there's something going on on my ISPs side, but only in the sense that my entire internet connection will go down if I make way too many outbound connections. My ISP by the way is "".

By the way, if it matters, I, too, experienced these problems at the same server mentioned above. But also on others.

Problem is with server. Server freezes but not reboot and everything will stop except you. You start running again but that's all we can do. Unfortunately, we have a server, and every hour check the status and if the need to manually restart.

(This is user Skeech under a new account)

Uninstalling Kaspersky did not work, and I'm dumbfounded, because it happens on any server I join, just a matter of time.

This behaviour could occur due to problems with the server such as the server freezing/crashing/restarting for example. When this happens, would it be possible for you to back out to the server browser and see what the status of the server is?


Reconnecting to the same server after this happens seems to fail; can't connect. If you could recommend a server that does not restart/whatver often, this might help solve/troubleshoot the problem.

Hello again,

Closing ticket due to inactivity. However, in case the problem persists, please feel free to open up a new ticket in the Feedback Tracker.