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Cheating is disgusting
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Player was teleporting around me, in and out of buildings you cant access, talking about his free cheats which hide grass, no recoil, and speedhack.

He then proceeded to hit me till i was bleeding and said 'watch this' and prevented me from taking anything into my hands so i couldnt bandage and bleed out.

The worst part about this isnt the fact there are cheats, but there is NO ingame way for us to identify these people.

Show names about peoples heads, and give people access to the GUIDs in your current session, then at least we can capture proof and report people.

Without this the community feels helpless to kill people.


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Play Dayz
Get Hacked
Quit playing dayz

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I agree. Even if it was not in the end product to be able to identify, at least now in Alpha it is very important to ID these people somehow. Also provide log files to admins of events happening

Also agree. I was killed three times this week by cheater. 5 seconds after I login to the server and the game started he teleported right in front of me and shot me twice. It was very fast, came out od nowhere and killed me.