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AK 101 spawns without stock and barrel.
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AK 101 currently spawns without stock or barrel. I have found this 3x in the last 3 days. Actual magazines for it are rarer still.

2x of these found at NWAF, one at Zelenogorsk barracks.


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Find an AK 101, it may take you days to find one but when you do it may well be without stock and barrel.

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I have seen this too. simply picking up the gun and throw it to the ground again seems to help just fine. after that everything should be where it has to be :)

It also happens to the AKM.

Confirmed. Picking the gun will fix the problem.

Might be related to other problems aswell. Such as:
I think you should fix the 'invisible attachments' bug ASAP, because sometimes players can't see your weapon attachments. If you shoot using that gun, they won't be able to hear it.

Attachments sometimes do not show up in some cases. Picking the gun up generally lets you see what's exactly on it.

Chances are also that someone just took the attachments off. I'd often leave behind AK-101s with wooden parts because I like having my gun completely black. (ie. replace the wooden part on an AKM or AK-74 with AK-101's).