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gunshots not audible after login
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Often you cant hear shots from other players after you logged in into the game. Even if the other player stands directly beside you. After a few minutes of playing erverything is fine. Problem is random but very often.


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-login into the game with a friend
-friend shoots in the air beside you
-cant hear the shots

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can confirm this. in about 50% of fired shots from my bro i cant hear anything. sometimes you can hear very silent shots, even from an akm or a mosin. Frag nades do not produce any sound too. throwed 3 of them so far and not a single one produce a bang. you can see the smoke from the explosion, but thats all.

Probably because you can't see your friend's attachments on the gun. Everytime the attachments are missing for you on other people, you won't be able to hear any shot they take. Might be different in this case.