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Items not showing up in my inventory
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It mostly happens with the first aid kit, but sometimes other items in my clothing/backpack doesn't show up. With the first aid kit, the items inside of it don't show up unless i put it inside my clothing. However, it seems to only not show up when it was spawned, not dropped by player.


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Go find a Med-Kit and see

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Dropping any container on the ground, moving a few km away, then coming back to it, random items will disappear. Moving something in then out of that container will show all the items. It's an annoying bug I hope to see fixed soon!

Also when you kill a player, all their items inside their backpack and clothes will become invisible. The main problem is when the container is actually full and you can't put items inside it to make the items appear :(

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Upvote this one, since is the same issue:)
Write down in notes which version you had the problem and with which container typ:)

Approved. Once I killed guy from 20 meters and tried to loot his body, but I was unable to. He had all empty stuff and I couldnt take it off his body. Only thing that loaded was his gun and names of items on his body. I couldnt take anything and it showed me empty inventory.

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Hello Johnnychop,
thank you for your report! As mentioned above, this can be considered a duplicate report of #14777.
Thanks again,