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tent glitches
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I found a tent after the 0.49 update, put several things in it and after the server restart everything buy my fireplace kit was gone. I put more stuff in the tent and left to go get more stuff. when I came back it looked like most of it was gone again but the inventory slot number showed the slots as being filled like they were. When I moved a piece of gear everything I had just put in reappeared. I logged out and back in and some things were gone and soem things could not be seen again until inventory in tent was moved around.


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Put stuff in tent. It will be invisible or just gone.

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Now my tent has disappeared. It was there when I was on earlier today, bot off for 10 minutes, and got back on and it was gone. This happened when they introduced the tents but I thought this was fixed. I don't know if it has to do with the server restarts which supposedly the issue last time.

My clothes and any wood I put in keep disappearing from tents. I have a mosin and a backpack that seem to stay but just about everything else disappears after server restarts.

It has gotten better. For 12 days nothing disappeared, Until today. I had a camouflage vest with a magnum and ammo in it disappear. I am assuming that it is because of the update today because it was in the tent since my last update. I have found that backpacks, guns, and clothing for the most part don't disappear. However if you just put food, ammo, or magazines in the tent and not in a backpack or in clothes then place that item in the tent, then they are gone after s server restart.

andy added a comment.Oct 16 2014, 2:19 PM

Hi heirfuhrer,
thanks for keeping us updated!
Issues with tent persistance are quite tricky but rest assured, we are looking into this.
Thanks again,

Hey, it's an alpha game. I understand that. I just keep testing what I can do with the tents and give feedback. To be honest I am surprised that they work as well as they do now. When tents first came out they just disappeared on server restart. One of these days everything will work and it will be beautiful. Until then we shall keep testing the limits of new stuff and have fun with it. I just have to remember not to fill the tent completely. Always leave the bottom corner empty for now. Thanks for replying Andy.

So the server that I play on got stuck in a restart loop for about 20 hours. It would restart to 8 AM then sit there at this time for about 20 minutes and change to 1200 PM and then restart again and it kept doing this. After 20 hours it finally started to work again. When I logged back on and looked in my tents all of the clothes that I had in them were gone. Two gorka pants, one gorka jacket, and a ttsko jacket. I also had a high capacity vest disappear. They all had stuff in them as well like ammo and food. Everything else was still in the tents like the backpack, canteen, gorka helmet, guns and magazines.

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This seems to have something to do with the issue of first aid kits not being visible until you pick them up or put something in them also.

The issue is when the tent is completely full you cannot put anything in, then the tent is inaccessible and thus will just sit there forever or until next wipe.

A fix for that in 0.50 would be great.

thefinn - It is an issue about not seeing what is in the tent, but if you don't fill the last slot when you go back you just put something in that slot and everything shows up again. However the main point is that things keep disappearing from tents. This is a similar problem to the first aid kit not showing anything but the two are not entirely related. One does not cause the other.

Ah Sorry, I was after the one where items were not showing, and thus filling the tent lost your tent and gear and made the tent a permanent fixture.

Sounded like it ;)

With the 0.50 update all of my tents have disappeared. I had tents on 3 different servers so I assume this was a game-wide wipe.

With the update to 0.50 I had to start a new tent. I put one up 3 days ago and put a bunch of stuff in it. To my delight nothing inside had disappeared. A couple of minutes ago I went to set up another tent, and my tent that was set up 3 days ago is gone. I will set up my new tent and get back to you if anything happens to this one as well.