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Random Deaths in Firestations
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At Thursday 26.09.2014 I encountered 2 broken or fractured legs and 3 Deaths Death - because we have been in Firestations.

At first I thought this might be some sniper.
We have been on a Server with 3 Admins on (kicking people with didnt go to Teamspeak). As I died and respawned 2 times and went to Firestations instantly afterwards this Myth of a Sniper is not possible.

The Server we were on had a Fire on.
We were 5 to 7 people doing PVE and cooking in NW-Airfield.

PVE with guys on the Airfield.

  • Broken legs (Buddy)
  • Ruined Pants and Boots and loss of Health: NW-Airfield (me)
  • Bronken legs (another Buddy)
  • Ruined Pants and loss of Health (me)
  • Death me.

Respawn in Chernogorsk.

  • Broken legs me
  • Seconds afterwards: You are dead. (2nd or 3rd Floor again)

Respawn in Electro

  • Broken legs me
  • Seconds afterwards: You are dead. (2nd or 3rd Floor again)

Respawn near Berezino


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Steps To Reproduce

Go upstairs to a Firestation.
Do something or stay there.
You'll see gray for a second.
Check your Pants and or Shoues, they are damaged or ruined.
Check your Health. Its gone.
Stay there.
Wait a bit.
You are dead.

Additional Information

The Server did not seem to lag.
The Server (had been?) restarted from time to time ("Small"-Restart)
I know that at least somewhere in the Server a Fireplace was enabled. (I mension this, because there are rumors that fires/lights make servers unpredictable and laggy)

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Yeah, myself and my squad mates have died or had broken legs dozens and dozens of times in Firestations, and also in School like builds, and Construction sites.

I actually had a really funny one last week on 0.49 stable. NWAF Firestation, I walk up the stairs, "Your leg is in pain"... "You are dead".
One of my mates went to check my body and to remove any good loot, luckily I got the bugged Vybor bridge spawn, so I ran straight back to my body. Go there after a few minutes, walked up the stairs and got my stuff, started walking back down... "Your leg is in pain", it broke my frickin leg AGAIN. So my mate applied a splint to me and we was about to leave when the server restarted.
We jumped back on that server a minutes later and we had rolled back so we were both still up the stairs, I walked down, surviving this time, but, my mate got a broken leg on his way down LOL.

In DayZ, EVERYTHING wants to kill you :) Really wish I had been recording at the time.

I got rekt in the firestation aswell. I was looting some guy on the first floor. Suddenly, your leg is in pain, you are dead. Two minutes later, server restart. My friends were watching me from the rooftops in cherno.

This happened to a lot of people. You should really figure out why, because it's pretty annoying sometimes.

Hello dfnibbels,

Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #5169.