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increased magnification using filed of view
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Sorry if i'm reporting in the wrong section.

Yesterday i was watching a stream in twitch. In that stream there was a fight going on, the streamer had a mosin with the pu scope, he sees the guys, aims scoped, goes to the game menu, reduces the field of view to minimal and has instant x4 zoom. I checked it if it works with the long range scope and it also works, you have a drastic increase of zoom. In my opinion this can unbalance pvp and can be considered an exploit.


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Aim, scope, menu, field of view, x3 zoom.

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Hi Rodsin,
no worries, you chose the correct section. This is something that we (and majority of players) are aware of. Sadly, it is a result of the FOV mechanic itself, however we will be looking into it to prevent the abuse eventually.
Thank you for your report,

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Cant you disable FOV field when in optics mode? Isnt it possible to disable automatically FOV everytime you enter optics mode?

You're in 3rd person, you see a guy, you enter optics mode, go to menu, and no FOV. and if you try FOV before you scope/optics, as soon as you enter that view, FOV gone.

Sorry, this is just a wild guess, dont even know it can be done, just trying to help