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[BUG] HypOthermia Instantly From Lighting A Fire! 4 Deaths Result
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Myself and 3 friends were on a sunny daytime server today, so we decided to go hunting for boar and deer. We gathered our haul of meat and crafted a fireplace in the Red roof barn, between the south-west of NWAF and Vybor Industrial.
We all stood and sat around the fireplace ready to start cooking, one of my team mates ignited the fire with matches..... and immediately we all began getting spammed with Red warning messages saying, "You have Hypothermia". We all had the Red status in our inventory as well next to the Energised, Hydrated and healthy status.

No matter what we tried, ranging from dropping and removing "all" items from our persons and then picking them back up, we also tried swapping clothes, wearing the warmest clothes we had including Wool and Down Coats, Swapping servers, eating and drinking, standing closer to the fire, standing on top of the fire, extinguishing the fire, running around a field in the sun, giving each other Saline bags..... e.t.c.

After around 4-5 minutes of constant status message spamming "You have Hypothermia" "You are rapidly cooling off", You are freezing"... continuously every second or two, 1 of us died... then the second fell a few seconds later... then the third and then the last of us. All dead!

Cannot understand it, if it had been HypERthermia, then yes, a warm sunny day, sitting inside with a fire going, we could understand that. But it was HypOthermia. None of us were cold or wet before we lit the fire and all were Healthy.


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Chenarus is actually on a moon of a distant planet. Don't you know? There is no atmosphere, so heat dissipates super-quick! They will be putting in the space suits in the next patch or the one after that.

HAHAHA not laughing about you my friend. Just the fools who told me that the weather mechanic wasn't broken since the hotfix.

The whole thing is soooooo broken.

EDIT: Please make screenshots the next time, or even better, a video.

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Been watching what's been resolved and what hasn't and i can't believe the weather mechanic hasn't taken priorty over something like your weapon changing if you spam the right mouse button. I presume they're fixing easy things instead of game breaking bugs. Personally, it should be the other way round.

@ColonelBurton - Yeah I know, in hindsight we should have taken screenshots, but we were all panicking as we were dying VERY quickly and were all geared and we knew the server was due to restart soon so we had no chance of getting back to our bodies.

@Derfrad - Yeah I get what you're saying and yes it is very frustrating, but I also understand that some bugs are harder to fix and therefore take time.