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MP5 & its belonging items way too rare
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MP5 & its belonging items way too rare. If you are very lucky you can find an MP5. If you have a million times more luck you can find a mag and other parts like the buttstock or the grip. These are way too rare to be carrying an incomplete weapon around until you find the missing parts. It takes too many slots for it's small size in the inventory and it is too hard to find the missing parts. I'm all for a bit of a challenge but this is just cruel.


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this is true, I checked exactly 51 police stations for the last 7 hours this morning.( I also server hopped 4-5 times at each station because of getting tired of running around for ages ). Couldn't find any magazine or OEM buttstock for my MP5k. I understand how developers want to make guns rare since it's a survival game but looting 50+ police stations for half a day and not finding a single attachment for my MP5k is just too cruel and painful.

I have 2 mags in my backpack right now, but I have not seen an mp5 since the police cars were taken away.

The mags are incredibly rare, maybe a little too rare. Have had my Mp5k for a few days now and have yet to find a mag in 12+ hours of searching.

andy added a comment.Oct 9 2014, 11:42 AM

Hi app0815,
rest assured that we are actively monitoring the loot spawning balance, however throughout this process, various suboptimal issues can occur.
Your suggestions have been noted and considered.