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[Misconfigured 1st/3rd Person servers]: Spawned in 1st person server with my 3rd person character
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I just accidentally joined a 1st person server ( but decided not to cancel in case I lost my gun by dropping it. So I waited to spawn in.

Much to my surprise, I was at the spot where my 3rd person character left off. Gear and geographic location exactly like my 3rd person character. Could not go into 3rd person, however.

Went out and back into 3rd person server, had a 59 second spawn timer.

Went out and back into a different 1st person server ( No timer. Gear and location back to how it should be...

Went out and back into the previous 1st person server ( Location jumped to 3rd person again.

This can't be persistence related. It doesn't say persistence in the server name and I've played on that server before, gearing up my 1st person...


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Hello ColonelBurton,

This shouldn't be possible since inventories cannot move across shards in the database. However, if you send me your Steam ID I can check your account in the database just to be sure.



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This happened to me too.

I play both 1st and 3rd person.

Joined my usual 1st person server and it was my 3rd person character. I couldn't press Enter to go into 3rd person viewing mode (did this to check I wasn't going mad).

I logged out quickly and went to a 3rd person server to check my character was ok, then went back to a 1st person server and proper character was back.

Happend here aswell when i was playing with a group, we played still, it was so much fun, but yeah, it was stuck on first person :P

Same thing happened to me just a few hours, sadly though I don't have the IP of said servers.

I play both 1st and 3rd person, I tried joining a 1st person server today and spawned in where I left off with my 3rd person, gear and everything.

I tried 3 different servers and came up with the same result I should have took note of the IPs but didn't.

Hi JStewart
how can I contact you?

I just tried to reproduce this error with the same servers to make a video, but was unable to. I am 100% certain, without the shadow of a doubt, that this is exactly what happened, however. I remember explicitally that I joined the TiG Irish 1st person server, was where my 3rd person guy was with his gear, was not able to get into 3rd person view.

100% absolutely sure that I didn't get anything confused.

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Happenned to me too. Yesterday we were playing on hardcore server, but it went down and we wanted to rejoin to another 1st person server, but we noticed our regular/3rd person chars came up.
Today I joined on to a 1st person server, and when it restarted, I have logged out, and and I rejoined on another 1st persson server, with my regular char :S

Would any of you guys be able to provide the IP address for a server that spawns in your 1st person character instead of you 3rd person character (or the other way around)? If so, I'll try it out with my own characters and see what happens. Thanks in advance.


It just happened to me 5 mins ago
I played in this server with my hardcore char.:
Then logged out and reconnect to this one, where i spawned with my regular char:

Very nice. The culprit here seems to be misconfigured servers. For issues such as these, please feel free to note down the IP address and port numbers here and we'll get in contact with the GSPs.

Thanks again gents!

With the lack of replies with IPs is it save to assume BI have contacted GSPs with the correct configuration and they've started fixing them?

I've not had the chance to play so I have no idea if 1st person servers are loading the correct character.

Hello again everyone,

I'll close the ticket due to inactivity. However, in case the problem with the misconfigured servers persists, please feel free to submit a new ticket.