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When your clothes are dump/wet/soaked and you take them off they will automatically become dry.
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It applies to gloves, coats, hats, every kind of clothes.


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Stay on the rain for 4-5 seconds or enter in a river or lake and stay in it until you receive a message saying that your clothes are soaked. Then take the soaked/wet/dump ones off and put them back. They propably will become dry.

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Sorry for that, I submited it twice. Anyway, they are the same report

Confirmed. I did this last night by mistake, clothes were damp with no option to dry out and I took them off to see if it was just a bug. When I put the clothes back on they were all dry but my character kept his "Soaked/Wet/Damp" status and still "Dried" out slowly.

andy added a comment.Sep 25 2014, 2:50 PM

Hi Creepolo,
I was unable to reproduce this issue on our internal build. The mechanic has been changed quite recently and is still being worked on - hopefully, this will be fixed in the new Steam update.
Please create a new ticket if the issue persists.