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melee weapons hit box to small ?
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after a few attempts at trying to melee kill zombies one by one with many different melee weapons it seems like the hit boxes are really messed up. i was able to walk up behind a zombie as close as u can get and took a swing and it did not hit it nor did it aggro the zombie. after a few failed attempts this way a zombie aggroed from elsewhere attacked and i attempted to attack him with no success due to the same reasons


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grab a melee and try to attack zombies

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why do zombies not anything? they are not nude. they should drop some clothes at the very least to turn into rags. pretty much any attempts at a melee confrontation with a zombie inevitably ends in death one way or another due to bleeding out and broken limbs. having them drop clothes for rags would increase the realistic nature of the game and survivability. not that they have to drop it all the time because some would be covered in so much rotting blood that it would be infectious.

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hitboxes are not the problem, getting close is the problem sometimes, especially with short range weapons
you can easily kill zombies in meele just by circleing around them whilst keeping hitting them until they are dead (you can knock them out, but they'l instantly get up, so be wary)

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0015503: Broken Zombie Hitbox (Weapon goes through Zeds)

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